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Tatiana Nemirovsky BMGT350, Section 0601 Chocolate Case In the seventeenth-century, chocolate was a luxury that only the elite could enjoy and it was something to be savored. Since then, Americans developed cheaper options for chocolate to appeal to a wider audience, including both the wealthy and the poor. Recently, Americans have grown tired of the cheap mass produced chocolate bars and the chocolate industry has suffered. Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges were created to try and restore the experience and luxury of eating chocolate. Customers who choose to indulge at Ethel’s use limited decision making to come to this decision. The people who decide to visit Ethel’s and try their chocolate are familiar with the chocolate industry, yet are unfamiliar with the specific chocolates that Ethel’s has to offer. Since Ethel’s offers a wide variety of different chocolates along with various beverages, customers are required to spend a moderate amount of time looking over the menu and deciding what they would like to try. Additionally, since Ethel’s has made it a
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