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Tatiana Nemirovsky BMGT350, Section 0601 NFL Case This case begins by highlighting the enormous success of the NFL in the United States, focusing mainly on the financial success of the league. However, after taking a look at Forbes’ August 2008 list of the worlds best paid athletes, it comes as a bit of a shock that not one NFL player made the top ten. The reason for this is that in the past, while many other sports have expanded into global territory, American football has not been able to successfully do so and therefore has only acquired earnings from the USA. Currently, the NFL has implemented a program called the NFL International Series, which will facilitate their entry into the global market. This program takes American football games and relocates them to venues overseas. Since the first game played in 2007, there have been a few changes to this event in order to make it more successful. One change they made was having the teams arrive at the beginning of the week instead of a few days before the game. This was done to generate more media and
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