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petco case - On you can buy a soft-sided travel...

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On you can buy a soft-sided travel carrier for your cat for only $19.99. You might think twice, though, after seeing that customers gave it only two “paws” out of five overall for pet satisfaction, appearance, and quality. The reviews reveal more serious reasons to hesitate before adding the product to your cart. A customer with the screen name “Disgruntled Bunny” reports: “The mesh on the sides was such poor quality that my cat was able to rip it to shreds and escape in a matter of seconds!” Another customer recommends buying a carrier with stronger sides, adding, “It costs more but is safer for your pet, so it’s worth it.” Products have long been rated on sites like and those that exist entirely for customer reviews, but Petco was one of the first mainstream retailers to create a forum on its own Web site for criticism. The risk was obvious: Customers could pan products and send buyers running. But Petco reports that business is booming, even with bad reviews like Disgruntled Bunny’s. New research is proving what Petco already learned: Peer reviews work. Shoppers are turning to everyday people for product advice. The 2007 Edelman Trust Barometer reports that over half of Americans said they trust “a person like me” for information about a company or product. David Brain, CEO of Edelman, urges companies to stop relying on “top-down communications delivered to an elite
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petco case - On you can buy a soft-sided travel...

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