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Physics Problems 66 - s 2 What is the inclination angle of...

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62 Chapt. 5 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics I g) What is the block’s speed at 10 m from the starting point if it starts from rest? 006 qfull 01210 2 3 0 moderate math: pig on slide: with and sans friction Extra keywords: HRW-113-14p 16. A free-spirited pig (let’s call him Waldo Pepper) loves sliding down chutes (pronounced shoots). a) Say there is a frictionless chute and Waldo accelerates down at 5 . 0 m
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Unformatted text preview: / s 2 . What is the inclination angle of the chute? HINT: Remember that free body diagram. b) Now the evil magician of physics turns on kinetic friction and Waldo only accelerates down at 3 . 0 m / s 2 ? What is the coeFcient of kinetic friction? HINT: Update that free body diagram. c) What’s Waldo’s mass? Explain your answer. HINT: The evil magician of physics is being spiteful....
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