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Physics Problems 124 - m . The step has height y with y R ....

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120 Chapt. 13 Equilibrium and Elasticity e) Luckily cats actually reach terminal velocity after about 20 m and Fex themselves around to land on their feet: they pounce on the Earth. They usually survive in fair shape—but it’s not a recommended cat experiment: i.e., throwing them o± skyscrapers. Which of the THREE kinds of collision does old Tarquin have with the Earth AFTER the dust has settled? 013 qfull 00400 3 5 0 tough thinking: rolling a roller over a step 4. A roller (either a spherically symmetric ball or a cylindrically symmetric cylinder) is rolled up to a step and rests against it. The roller has radius R and mass
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Unformatted text preview: m . The step has height y with y R . A force F app is applied horizontally to the roller at height R to try to push the roller over the step. A line drawn through the applied force passes the rollers center of mass. ind the expression for F app that just marginally lifts the roller. This is a static equilibrium situation where the normal force of the ground has just gone to zero, but the roller is still marginally touching the ground. What are the F app values for y = 0 and y = R ? HINTS: Draw a good diagram, use geometry, and identify the best pivot point for a torque calculation....
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