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242 Chapt. 31 Faraday’s Law of Induction and Inductors d) Say one connected the generator to a resistive load of 100 kΩ. What is the maximum power generated in a cycle? Since the load is resistive, there is no phase di±erence between emf and the current. e) What is the average power generated in a cycle given the 100 kΩ resistive load? HINT: You might ²nd the trigonometric identity sin 2 ( x ) = 1 2 [1 cos(2 x )] helpful. f) Say the magnetic ²eld was 1 gauss (10 4 T which is of order of the Earth’s magnetic ²eld), what would be the amplitude of the generated emf? 031 qfull 00590 2 3 0 mod math: energy density in a big solenoid
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Say you had a big ideal solenoid with an inductance of L = 10 6 H and volume of V vol = 125 m 3 . The current in the solenoid is I = 100 A. a) Calculate the magnetic eld energy density without calculating the B-eld? HINT: This is easier than I thought. b) Calculate the number of turns per unit length in symbols representing knowns (i.e., L , V vol , and I ) and numerically. c) Calculate the magnetic eld in terms of symbols representing knowns and numerically. d) Now calculate the energy density from the magnetic eld itself. Does the answer agree with the part (a) answer?...
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