Organic Lab Answer 72

Organic Lab Answer 72 - 2001 , 2059 O O PhCH O O PhC CH O O...

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72 C R 1 R 2 C O Reviews: Brown, R.F.C.; Eastwood, F.W. in The Chemistry of Ketenes, Allenes, and Related Compounds , Part 2, (S. Patai, ed.) Wiley: New York, 1980, Chapter 19, p. 757 Brown, R.F.C.; Eastwood, F.W. Synlett 1993 , 9 Gaber, A. El-A.; McNab, H. Synthesis
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Unformatted text preview: 2001 , 2059 O O PhCH O O PhC CH O O CHPh PhCH 430 C PhCH=C=C=O- CO 2- acetone 550 C- CO 2- CO- acetone PhNH 2 MeOH PhCH=CH(CO)NHPh PhCH=CHCOOMe dimerization Brown, R.F.C.; Eastwood, F.W.; Harrington, K.J. Austr. J. Chem. 1974 , 27 , 2373...
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