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Economics Dynamics Problems 20

Economics Dynamics Problems 20 - 4 Economic Dynamics(simple...

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4 Economic Dynamics (simple) economic problem being applied to the mathematics. We take a number of major economic areas and consider various aspects of their dynamics. Because this book is intended to be self-contained, then it has been necessary to provide the mathematical background . By ‘background’ we, of course, mean that this must be mastered before the economic problem is reviewed. Accordingly, part I supplies this mathematical background. However, in order not to make part I totally mathematical we have discussed a number of economic applications. These are set out in part I for the first time, but the emphasis here is in illustrating the type of mathematics they involve so that we know what mathematical techniques are required in order to investigate them. Thus, the Malthusian population growth model is shown to be just a particular differential equation, if population growth is assumed to vary continuously over time. But equally, population growth can be considered in terms of a discrete time-period model. Hence, part I covers not only
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