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Economics Dynamics Problems 24

Economics Dynamics Problems 24 - 8 Economic Dynamics...

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8 Economic Dynamics environmental economics already had a body of literature. What happened in the 1970s and 1980s was that it became a recognised sub-discipline. Economists who had considered questions in the area had largely confined themselves to the static questions, most especially the questions of welfare and cost–benefit analysis. But environmental issues are about resources. Resources have a stock and there is a rate of depletion and replenishment. In other words, there is the inevitable stock-flow dimension to the issue. Environmentalists have always known this, but economists have only recently considered such issues. Why? Because the issues are dynamic. Biological species, such as fish, grow and decline, and decline most especially when harvested by humans. Forests decline and take a long time to replace. Fossil fuels simply get used up. These aspects have led to a number of dynamic models – some discrete and some continuous.
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