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Introduction 15 exceptions, been content to investigate the local stability of the Fxed points to a nonlinear system. The fact that a linear approximation can be taken in the neighbourhood of a Fxed point in no way removes the fact that there can be more than one Fxed point, more than one equilibrium point. Even where we conFne ourselves only to stable equilibria, there is likely to be more than one. This leads to some new and interesting policy implications. In simple terms, and using Fgure 1.2(a) for illustrative purposes, the welfare attached to point x 1 will be different from that attached to x 3 . If this is so, then it is possible for governments to choose between the two equilibrium points. Or, it may be that after investigation one of the stable equilibria is found to be always superior. With linear systems in which only one equilibrium exists, such questions are meaningless. Multiple equilibria of this nature create a problem for models involving per-
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