Economics Dynamics Problems 36

Economics Dynamics Problems 36 - 20 Economic Dynamics which...

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Unformatted text preview: 20 Economic Dynamics which would undoubtedly appeal to a mathematician or computer programmer. The same result, however, can be achieved much simpler by means of a spreadsheet by inputting 0.1 in the first cell and then obtaining 3 . 5 x (1 x ) in the second cell and copying down the next 18 cells. Nothing more is required than knowing how to enter a formula and copying down. 9 There are advantages, however, to each approach. The spreadsheet approach is simple and requires no knowledge of Mathematica or programming. However, there is not the same control over precision (it is just as acceptable to write N[y,99] for precision to 99 significant digits in the above instructions). Also what about the iteration from the 1000th through to 1020th? Use of the spreadsheet means accepting its precision; while establishing the iterations from 1000 onwards still requires copying down the first 998 entries!...
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