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Economics Dynamics Problems 37

Economics Dynamics Problems 37 - Introduction 21 Figure 1.5...

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Introduction 21 Figure 1.5. more. Of course, computer algebra requires some getting used to. But so did the calculator (and the slide rule even more so!). But the gains are extensive. Once the basic syntax is mastered and a core set of commands, much can be accomplished. Furthermore, it is not necessary to learn everything in these software packages. They are meant to be tools for a variety of disciplines. The present book illustrates the type of tools they provide which are useful for the economist. By allowing computer software to carry out the tedious manipulations – whether algebraic or numeric – allows concentration to be directed towards the problem in hand. Both Mathematica and Maple have the same basic structure. They are composed of three parts: (1) a kernel , which does all the computational work, (2) a front end , which displays the input/output and interacts with the user, and (3) a set of libraries of specialist routines.
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