Economics Dynamics Problems 38

Economics Dynamics Problems 38 - 22 Economic Dynamics that...

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Unformatted text preview: 22 Economic Dynamics that matters most, and Maple ’s front end is far more user friendly and far more intuitive than that of Mathematica . Having said this, each has its strengths and in this book we shall highlight these in the light of applicability to economics . The choice is not always obvious. For instance, although the front end of Maple is more user friendly, I found Mathematica ’s way of handling differential equations easier and more intuitive, and with greater control over the graphical output. Certainly both are comprehensive and will handle all the types of mathematics encountered in economics. Accordingly, the choice between the two packages will reduce to cost and ease of use. Having mentioned the front end, what do these look like for the two packages? Figure 1.6 illustrates the front end for a very simple function, namely y = x 3 , where each programme is simply required to plot the function over the interval − 3 < x < 3 and differentiate it. Both programmes now contain the graphical3 and differentiate it....
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