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24 Economic Dynamics least in the eyes of a computer programmer – but they are straightforward and can readily be reproduced without any knowledge of computer programming. Further- more, they have been written in such a way that they can easily be adapted for any similar investigation by the reader. 1.8 Structure and features This book takes a problem solving, learning by doing approach to economic dy- namics. Chapters 2–5 set out the basic mathematics for continuous and discrete dynamical systems with some references to economics. Chapter 2 covers continu- ous single-equation dynamics, while chapter 3 deals with discrete single-equation dynamics. Chapter 4 covers continuous dynamical systems of equations and chap- ter 5 deals with discrete dynamical systems of equations. Chapters 6 and 7 cover two quite distinct dynamical topics that do not ±t into the continuous/discrete cat- egorisation so neatly. Chapter 6 deals with control theory and chapter 7 with chaos theory. Both these topics are more advanced, but can be taken up at any stage.
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