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Continuous dynamic systems 49 Figure 2.11. Example 2.14 Testing for art forgeries 5 All paintings contain small amounts of the radioactive element lead-210 and a smaller amount of radium-226. These elements are contained in white lead which is a pigment used by artists. Because of the smelting process from which the pigment comes, lead-210 gets transferred to the pigment. On the other hand, over 90 per cent of the radium is removed. The result of the smelting process is that lead-210 loses its radioactivity very rapidly, having a half-life of about 22 years; radium-226 on the other hand has a half-life of 1,600 years (see example 2.7). For most practical purposes we can treat radium-226 emissions as constant. Let l ( t ) denote the amount of lead-210 per gram of white lead at time t , and l 0 the amount present at the time of manufacture, which we take to be
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