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Continuous dynamic systems 73 the independent variable. Given the following initial value problem dy dt = f ( y ( t ) , t ) y (0) = y 0 the input instruction is NDSolve[{y’[t]==f[y[t],t],y[0]==y0}, y[t],{t,tmin,tmax}] Mathematica provides output in the form of an InterpolatingFunction that rep- resents an approximate function obtained using interpolation. This Interpolating- Function can then be plotted. Since it is usual to plot an InterpolatingFunction, then it is useful to give the output a name. For example, given the problem dy dt = sin(3 t y ) y (0) = 0 . 5 , t [0 , 10] the instruction is sol=NDSolve[{y’[t]==Sin[3t-y[t]],y[0]==0.5}, y[t],{t,0,10}] Although the output is named ‘sol’, the solution is still for the variable y ( t ). So the plot would involve the input Plot[y[t] /. sol, {t,0,10}] Note that the range for t in the plot is identical to the range given in the
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Unformatted text preview: NDSolve command. Higher-order ordinary differential equations are treated in the same way. For example, given the initial value problem d 2 y dt 2 + . 5 dy dt + sin( y ) = , y (0) = 1 , y (0) = , t [0 , 15] the input instruction is sol=NDSolve[{y[t]+0.5y[t]+Sin[y[t]]==0, y[0]==-1,y[0]==0}, y[t],{t,0,15}] with plot Plot[y[t] /. sol, {t,0,15}] 2.12 Solving differential equations with Maple 2.12.1 First-order equations Maple has a built in command for dealing with differential equations, which is the dsolve command. This command is used to nd a symbolic solution to a differential equation. The command dsolve(. . . , numeric) nds a numerical approximation. Consider the following rst-order differential equation dy dt = f ( y , t )...
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