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Romanticism Imagination Idealism o The ideal world lay beyond our present, physical reality – Plato to Poe o Also an imagined, ideal world was important to Romantic writers Individualism (Independence) o Individual’s needs or value is put ahead of society’s o The common man is valuable and contains divine “inner light” o Society often seen as corrupting the individual Intuition (Instinct) o The heart over the head; the individual’s own experience and reflection on an issue is as or even more valuable than the earlier
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Unformatted text preview: opinions of authority o The inner light allows an individual to intuit the correct responses to life, instead of using reason/logic to answer all questions Importance of Nature o Nature is seen as a teacher, as the manifestation of God o in the woods we return to wisdom and faith Emerson o Nature is to be conserved, not exploited o the beauty of the natural world makes a natural connection to the divine flame within the individual...
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