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206 Economic Dynamics Table 5.2 Properties of matrices and Mathematica input Property Mathematica input Trace Tr[mA] Transpose Transpose[mA] Inverse Inverse[mA] Determinant Det[mA] Eigenvalues Eigenvalues[mA] or Eigenvalues[N[mA]] Eigenvectors Eigenvectors[mA] or Eigenvectors[N[mA]] Characteristic polynomial CharacteristicPolynomial[mA, λ ] Matrix Power (power n ) MatrixPower[mA,n] or Solve[N[Det[mA- λ IdentityMatrix[3]]]==0] As one gets familiar with the package, long strings of instructions can be entered as a single instruction, as in the Fnal solve. To verify the results of example 4.12 in chapter 4, input the following, where we have added the instruction ‘// Matrix±orm’ to display the matrix in more familiar
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