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Discrete systems of equations 207 Table 5.3 Properties of matrices and Maple input Property Maple input Trace trace(mA); Transpose transpose(mA); Inverse inverse(mA); Determinant det(mA); Eigenvalues eigenvals(mA); or evalf(eigenvals(mA)); Eigenvectors eigenvects(mA); or evalf(eigenvects(mA)); Characteristic polynomial charpoly(mA,’lambda’); Matrix Power (power n ) evalm(mA^n) Square matrices have special properties. For illustrative purposes, let m A = 21 1 302 12 1 Typical properties are shown in table 5.3. The characteristic polynomial in Maple simply requires the input charpoly(mA,’lambda’); which in turn can be solved using solve(charpoly(mA,’lambda’)=0); or fsolve(charpoly(mA,’lambda’)=0,lambda,complex);
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