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218 Economic Dynamics of n equations, this requires knowledge of Jordan blocks. Here we shall simply state a result for a 2 × 2 system. THEOREM 5.3 If A is a 2 × 2 matrix, then there is a transition matrix V such that (a) V 1 AV = J 1 = ± r 0 0 s ² for real distinct roots r and s (b) V 1 = J 2 = ± λ 1 0 λ ² for repeated root λ (c) V 1 = J 3 = ± α + β i 0 0 α β i ² for complex conjugate roots λ = α ± β i In each case, J i is the Jordan form of the particular matrix A . We shall use theorem 5.3 when discussing the stability of discrete systems in section 5.6. Section 5.2 dealt with case (a) in detail. Here we shall consider just one example of cases (b) and (c), using both
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