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Economics Dynamics - Example 5.8(cont The input instructions for each programme are Mathematica Clear[x,y,t x[0:=10 y[0:=5 x[t:=x[t]=-5 0.25x[t-1

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222 Economic Dynamics Figure 5.3. 5.5.2 Trajectories with Mathematica and Maple The spreadsheet is ideal for displaying recursive systems and the resulting trajecto- ries. But occasionally it is useful to display these trajectories within Mathematica or Maple . In doing this care must be exercised in writing the simultaneous equa- tions for computation so that the programmes remember earlier results and do not recompute all previous values on each round. This leads to more cumbersome input instructions – which is why the spreadsheet is so much easier for many problems. We shall consider once again examples 5.8 and 5.9.
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Unformatted text preview: Example 5.8 (cont.) The input instructions for each programme are Mathematica Clear[x,y,t] x[0]:=10; y[0]:=5; x[t-]:=x[t]=-5+0.25x[t-1]+0.4y[t-1] y[t-]:=y[t]=10-x[t-1]+y[t-1] data:=Table[{x[t],y[t]},{t,0,20}]; ListPlot[data,PlotJoined->True,PlotRange->All] Maple t:=’t’: x:=’x’: y:=’y’: x:=proc(t)option remember;-5+0.25*x(t-1)+0.4*y(t-1)end: y:=proc(t)option remember; 10-x(t-1)+y(t-1) end: x(0):=10: y(0):=5: data:=[seq([x(t),y(t)],t=0. .20)]; plot(data); The Maple instructions join the points by default. If just a plot of points is required...
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