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6 Physics and Measurement P1.15 (a) This is incorrect since the units of ax are ms 22 , while the units of v are ms. (b) This is correct since the units of y are m, and cos kx af is dimensionless if k is in m 1 . *P1.16 (a) a F m or ak F m = represents the proportionality of acceleration to resultant force and the inverse proportionality of acceleration to mass. If k has no dimensions, we have F m = , L T 1 F M 2 = , F ML T 2 = . (b) In units, T kg m s = , so 11 newton kg m s 2 =⋅ . P1.17 Inserting the proper units for everything except G , kg m s kg m 2 L N M O Q P = G 2 2 . Multiply both sides by m 2 and divide by kg 2 ; the units of G are m kg s 3 2 . Section 1.5 Conversion of Units *P1.18
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