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59_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

59_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 60 P3.14 Vectors N...

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60 Vectors P3.14 Your sketch should be drawn to scale, and should look somewhat like that pictured to the right. The angle from the westward direction, θ , can be measured to be 4 ° N of W , and the distance R from the sketch can be converted according to the scale to be 79 . m . 15.0 meters N E W S 8.20 meters 3.50 meters 1 m 30.0° R FIG. P3.14 P3.15 To find these vector expressions graphically, we draw each set of vectors. Measurements of the results are taken using a ruler and protractor. (Scale: 1 0 5 unit m = .) (a) A + B = 5.2 m at 60°
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