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Chapter 3 77 *P3.66 Let θ represent the angle the x -axis makes with the horizontal. Since angles are equal if their sides are perpendicular right side to right side and left side to left side, is also the angle between the weight and our y axis. The x -components of the forces must add to zero: += 0150 0127 0 .s i n . N N . (b) 57 9 . y 0.127 N x 0.150 N T y FIG. P3.66 (a) The y -components for the forces must add to zero: +− ° = T y 579 0 .c o s . N af , T y = 00798 . N . (c) The angle between the y axis and the horizontal is 90 0 57 9 32 1 .. . ° °= ° . P3.67 The displacement of point P is invariant under rotation of the coordinates. Therefore, rr = and 2 2 = bg or, xy x y 22 + . Also, from the figure, βθα = F H G I K J = F H G I K J = + −− tan tan tan tan 11 1 y x y x y x y x y x α ej x y y P O t β α β r x FIG. P3.67 Which we simplify by multiplying top and bottom by x cos . Then, =+ xx y cos sin αα , = + yx
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