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80_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

80_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - Chapter 4 Q4.23 v v...

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Chapter 4 81 Q4.23 v a a a a a v a v a v a v v v v Q4.24 a r r r r r a a a a v v v Q4.25 The unit vectors ± r and ± θ are in different directions at different points in the xy plane. At a location along the x -axis, for example , ± ± r i = and ± ± θ = j , but at a point on the y -axis, ± ± r j = and ± ± θ = i . The unit vector ± i is equal everywhere, and ± j is also uniform. Q4.26 The wrench will hit at the base of the mast. If air resistance is a factor, it will hit slightly leeward of the base of the mast, displaced in the direction in which air is moving relative to the deck. If the boat is scudding before the wind, for example, the wrench’s impact point can be in front of the mast. Q4.27 (a) The ball would move straight up and down as observed by the passenger. The ball would move in a parabolic trajectory as seen by the ground observer.
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