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115_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

115_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 5 The Laws of...

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5 CHAPTER OUTLINE 5.1 The Concept of Force 5.2 Newton’s First Law and Inertial Frames 5.3 Mass 5.4 Newton’s Second Law 5.5 The Gravitational Force and Weight 5.6 Newton’s Third Law 5.7 Some Applications of Newton’s Laws 5.8 Forces of Friction The Laws of Motion ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q5.1 (a) The force due to gravity of the earth pulling down on the ball—the reaction force is the force due to gravity of the ball pulling up on the earth. The force of the hand pushing up on the ball—reaction force is ball pushing down on the hand. (b) The only force acting on the ball in free-fall is the gravity due to the earth -the reaction force is the gravity due to the ball pulling on the earth. Q5.2 The resultant force is zero, as the acceleration is zero. Q5.3 Mistake one: The car might be momentarily at rest, in the process of (suddenly) reversing forward into backward motion. In this case, the forces on it add to a (large) backward resultant.
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