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116_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

116_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 118 The Laws of...

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118 The Laws of Motion Q5.7 The molecules of the floor resist the ball on impact and push the ball back, upward. The actual force acting is due to the forces between molecules that allow the floor to keep its integrity and to prevent the ball from passing through. Notice that for a ball passing through a window, the molecular forces weren’t strong enough. Q5.8 While a football is in flight, the force of gravity and air resistance act on it. When a football is in the process of being kicked, the foot pushes forward on the ball and the ball pushes backward on the foot. At this time and while the ball is in flight, the Earth pulls down on the ball (gravity) and the ball pulls up on the Earth. The moving ball pushes forward on the air and the air backward on the ball. Q5.9 It is impossible to string a horizontal cable without its sagging a bit. Since the cable has a mass, gravity pulls it downward. A vertical component of the tension must balance the weight for the cable to be in equilibrium. If the cable were completely horizontal, then there would be no vertical
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