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Chapter 5 135 P5.38 If all the weight is on the rear wheels, (a) Fm a m gm a s == : µ But x at gt s 2 2 22 μ so s x gt = 2 2 : s 2 0 250 1 609 980 496 334 2 . .. . mi m mi ±ms ±s 2 a f bg ej af . (b) Time would increase, as the wheels would skid and only kinetic friction would act; or perhaps the car would flip over. *P5.39 (a) The person pushes backward on the floor. The floor pushes forward on the person with a force of friction. This is the only horizontal force on the person. If the person’s shoe is on the point of slipping the static friction force has its maximum value. a f nm a a nm g ma mg a g xx v t a t t t s x yy xs fix i x = =− = =
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