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Chapter 5 153 *P5.70 Throughout its up and down motion after release the block has Fm a nm g nm g yy =+ = = :c o s cos . θ 0 Let Rij RR xy ±± represent the force of table on incline. We have a Rn Rm g a M gn R RM g m g xx x x y y = = =− −+ = :s i n cos sin o s cos . θθ 0 0 2 R + mg M m g cos sin cos to the right upward 2 ej FIG. P5.70 *P5.71 Take + x in the direction of motion of the tablecloth. For the mug: a a a x x == = 01 02 05 .. N k g ms 2 Relative to the tablecloth, the acceleration of the mug is 3 25 22 2 = . The mug reaches the edge of the tablecloth after time given by
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