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Unformatted text preview: 158 Circular Motion and Other Applications of Newtons Laws Q6.9 I would not accept that statement for two reasons. First, to be beyond the pull of gravity, one would have to be infinitely far away from all other matter. Second, astronauts in orbit are moving in a circular path. It is the gravitational pull of Earth on the astronauts that keeps them in orbit. In the space shuttle, just above the atmosphere, gravity is only slightly weaker than at the Earths surface. Gravity does its job most clearly on an orbiting spacecraft, because the craft feels no other forces and is in free fall. Q6.10 This is the same principle as the centrifuge. All the material inside the cylinder tends to move along a straight-line path, but the walls of the cylinder exert an inward force to keep everything moving around in a circular path. Q6.11 The ball would not behave as it would when dropped on the Earth. As the astronaut holds the ball, she and the ball are moving with the same angular velocity. The ball, however, being closer to theshe and the ball are moving with the same angular velocity....
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