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Chapter 6 167 *P6.22 We adopt the view of an inertial observer. If it is on the verge of sliding, the cup is moving on a circle with its centripetal acceleration caused by friction. Fm a nm g a f mv r nm g yy xx ss =+ = == = = : : 0 2 µµ vg r s = µ 0898 30 153 .. . ms m 2 ej af mg f n FIG. P6.22 If you go too fast the cup will begin sliding straight across the dashboard to the left. P6.23 The only forces acting on the suspended object are the force of gravity m g and the force of tension T , as shown in the free-body diagram. Applying Newton’s second law in the x and y directions, FT m a x sin θ (1) m g y =− = cos 0 or Tm g cos = (2) T cos T sin mg FIG. P6.23 (a) Dividing equation (1) by (2) gives tan . . . = a g 300 980 0306 ±ms 2 2 . Solving for , 17 0 . (b) From Equation (1), T ma °
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