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198 Energy and Energy Transfer *P7.21 The same force makes both light springs stretch. (a) The hanging mass moves down by xx x mg k mg k mg kk = + =+= + F H G I K J =+ F H G I K J 12 1 2 2 11 15 1 1200 1 204 10 .. kg 9.8 m s m N m 1800 N m 2 (b) We define the effective spring constant as k F x mg mg k k == + F H G I K J F H G I K J = 720 1 1 bg m 1200 N m ±Nm *P7.22 See the solution to problem 7.21. (a) xm g F H G I K J (b) k F H G I K J 1 P7.23 k F x = L N M O Q P = N m kg m s m kg s 2 2 Section 7.5 Kinetic Energy and the Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem Section 7.6 The Non-Isolated System—Conservation of Energy P7.24 (a) K A 1 2 0600 200
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