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Unformatted text preview: 216 Potential Energy Q8.7 (a) It does if it makes the object’s speed change, but not if it only makes the direction of the velocity change. (b) Yes, according to Newton’s second law. Q8.8 The original kinetic energy of the skidding can be degraded into kinetic energy of random molecular motion in the tires and the road: it is internal energy. If the brakes are used properly, the same energy appears as internal energy in the brake shoes and drums. Q8.9 All the energy is supplied by foodstuffs that gained their energy from the sun. Q8.10 Elastic potential energy of plates under stress plus gravitational energy is released when the plates “slip”. It is carried away by mechanical waves. Q8.11 The total energy of the ball-Earth system is conserved. Since the system initially has gravitational energy mgh and no kinetic energy, the ball will again have zero kinetic energy when it returns to its original position. Air resistance will cause the ball to come back to a point slightly below its initialoriginal position....
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