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Chapter 8 217 Q8.18 Let the gravitational energy be zero at the lowest point in the motion. If you start the vibration by pushing down on the block (2), its kinetic energy becomes extra elastic potential energy in the spring ( U s ). After the block starts moving up at its lower turning point (3), this energy becomes both kinetic energy ( K ) and gravitational potential energy ( U g ), and then just gravitational energy when the block is at its greatest height (1). The energy then turns back into kinetic and elastic potential energy, and the cycle repeats. FIG. Q8.18 Q8.19 (a) Kinetic energy of the running athlete is transformed into elastic potential energy of the bent pole. This potential energy is transformed to a combination of kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy of the athlete and pole as the athlete approaches the bar. The energy is then all gravitational potential of the pole and the athlete as the athlete hopefully clears the bar. This potential energy then turns to kinetic energy as the athlete and pole fall
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