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224 Potential Energy *P8.16 efficiency == useful output energy total input energy useful output power total input power e mg y t mv t vt g y rv t g y = water air water water air ww a 12 22 2 23 bg ej ρ ρπ A where A is the length of a cylinder of air passing through the mill and v w is the volume of water pumped in time t . We need inject negligible kinetic energy into the water because it starts and ends at rest. v t er v gy wa w 3 32 3 3 kg m m m s kg m m s m ms L 1 m s 1 min Lm in F H G I K J F H G I K J = π 2 3 3 2 0 275 1 20 1 15 11 2 1 000 9 80 35 266 10 1000 60 160 .. . . . af e j P8.17 (a) KU K U ig ifg
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