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Chapter 8 235 P8.46 (a) There is an equilibrium point wherever the graph of potential energy is horizontal: At r = 15 . mm and 3.2 mm, the equilibrium is stable. At r = 23 . mm, the equilibrium is unstable. A particle moving out toward r →∞ approaches neutral equilibrium. (b) The system energy E cannot be less than –5.6 J. The particle is bound if −≤ < 56 1 . J J E . (c) If the system energy is –3 J, its potential energy must be less than or equal to –3 J. Thus, the particle’s position is limited to 06 36 .. mm mm ≤≤ r . (d) KUE += . Thus, KE U max min ... =− = −− = 30 26 J J a f . (e) Kinetic energy is a maximum when the potential energy is a minimum, at r = . mm. (f) −+= 31 J W . Hence, the binding energy is W = 4 J . P8.47 (a) When the mass moves distance x , the length of each spring changes from L to xL 22 + , so each exerts force kx L L
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