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249_Physics - 9 Linear Momentum and Collisions CHAPTER OUTLINE 9.1 Linear Momentum and Its Conservation Impulse and Momentum Collisions in One

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9 CHAPTER OUTLINE 9.1 Linear Momentum and Its Conservation 9.2 Impulse and Momentum 9.3 Collisions in One Dimension 9.4 Two-Dimensional Collisions 9.5 The Center of Mass 9.6 Motion of a System of Particles 9.7 Rocket Propulsion Linear Momentum and Collisions ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q9.1 No. Impulse, Ft , depends on the force and the time for which it is applied. Q9.2 The momentum doubles since it is proportional to the speed. The kinetic energy quadruples, since it is proportional to the speed-squared. Q9.3 The momenta of two particles will only be the same if the masses of the particles of the same. Q9.4 (a) It does not carry force, for if it did, it could accelerate itself. (b) It cannot deliver more kinetic energy than it possesses. This would violate the law of energy conservation. (c) It can deliver more momentum in a collision than it possesses in its flight, by bouncing from the object it strikes. Q9.5
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