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Chapter 9 253 Q9.22 No—an external force of gravity acts on the moon. Yes, because its speed is constant. Q9.23 The impulse given to the egg is the same regardless of how it stops. If you increase the impact time by dropping the egg onto foam, you will decrease the impact force. Q9.24 Yes. A boomerang, a kitchen stool. Q9.25 The center of mass of the balls is in free fall, moving up and then down with the acceleration due to gravity, during the 40% of the time when the juggler’s hands are empty. During the 60% of the time when the juggler is engaged in catching and tossing, the center of mass must accelerate up with a somewhat smaller average acceleration. The center of mass moves around in a little circle, making three revolutions for every one revolution that one ball makes. Letting T represent the time for one cycle and F g the weight of one ball, we have FT F T Jg 060 3 . = and FF = 5 . The average force exerted by the juggler is five times the weight of one ball.
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