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Chapter 9 257 P9.13 The force exerted on the water by the hose is F p t mv mv t fi == = = ∆∆ water kg m s s N 0600 250 0 100 15 0 .. . . bg b g . According to Newton's third law, the water exerts a force of equal magnitude back on the hose. Thus, the gardener must apply a 15.0 N force (in the direction of the velocity of the exiting water stream) to hold the hose stationary. *P9.14 (a) Energy is conserved for the spring-mass system: KU K U is i fs f +=+ : 0 1 2 1 2 0 22 += + kx mv vx k m = (b) From the equation, a smaller value of m makes k m = larger. (c) Im v m x k m xkm f =− = = = = pp 0 (d) From the equation, a
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