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274 Linear Momentum and Collisions P9.57 We hope the momentum of the wrench provides enough recoil so that the astronaut can reach the ship before he loses life support! We might expect the elapsed time to be on the order of several minutes based on the description of the situation. No external force acts on the system (astronaut plus wrench), so the total momentum is constant. Since the final momentum (wrench plus astronaut) must be zero, we have final momentum = initial momentum = 0. mv m v wrench wrench astronaut astronaut += 0 Thus v m astronaut wrench wrench astronaut kg m s kg ms =− 0500 200 80 0 0125 .. . . bg b g At this speed, the time to travel to the ship is t == = 30 0 240 4 00 . . m 0.125 m s s minutes The astronaut is fortunate that the wrench gave him sufficient momentum to return to the ship in a reasonable amount of time! In this problem, we were told that the astronaut was not drifting away from the ship when he threw the wrench. However, this is not quite possible since he did not
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