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10 CHAPTER OUTLINE 10.1 Angular Position, Velocity, and Acceleration 10.2 Rotational Kinematics: Rotational Motion with Constant Angular Acceleration 10.3 Angular and Linear Quantities 10.4 Rotational Energy 10.5 Calculation of Moments of Inertia 10.6 Torque Torque and Angular 10.7 Relationship Between Acceleration 10.8 Work, Power, and Energy in Rotational Motion Object 10.9 Rolling Motion of a Rigid Rotation of a Rigid Object About a Fixed Axis ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q10.1 1 rev/min, or π 30 rad/s. Into the wall (clockwise rotation). α = 0. FIG. Q10.1 Q10.2 + ± k , ± k Q10.3 Yes, they are valid provided that ω is measured in degrees per second and is measured in degrees per second-squared. Q10.4 The speedometer will be inaccurate. The speedometer measures the number of revolutions per second of the tires. A larger tire will travel more distance in one full revolution as 2 r . Q10.5 Smallest I is about x axis and largest I is about y axis. Q10.6 The moment of inertia would no longer be ML 2 12 if the mass was nonuniformly distributed, nor
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