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Chapter 10 291 *P10.14 (a) Consider a tooth on the front sprocket. It gives this speed, relative to the frame, to the link of the chain it engages: vr == F H G I K J F H G I K J F H G I K J = ω π 0152 76 21 0605 . . m 2 rev min rad 1 rev min 60 s ms (b) Consider the chain link engaging a tooth on the rear sprocket: = v r 17 3 007 . . . rad s m 2 ch (c) Consider the wheel tread and the road. A thread could be unwinding from the tire with this speed relative to the frame: F H G I K J = 0673 17 3 5 82 . .. m 2 rad s m s (d) We did not need to know the length of the pedal cranks, but we could use that information to find the linear speed of the pedals: F H G I
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