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Chapter 10 307 *P10.60 The quantity of tape is constant. Then the area of the rings you see it fill is constant. This is expressed by ππππππ rrrrrr ts s s 2222 2 22 −=−+− or rr r r 2 222 =+ is the outer radius of spool 2. (a) Where the tape comes off spool 1, ω 1 = v r . Where the tape joins spool 2, 2 2 12 == +− v r vr r r st ej . (b) At the start, t = and s 2 = so 1 = v r t and 2 = v r s . The takeup reel must spin at maximum speed. At the end, s = and t 2 = so 2 = v r t and 1 = v r s . The angular speeds are just reversed. r t r s v Start r r 2 v Later FIG. P10.60 P10.61 (a) Since only conservative forces act within the system of the rod and the Earth,
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