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Chapter 10 321 P10.87 Rolling is instantaneous rotation about the contact point P . The weight and normal force produce no torque about this point. Now F 1 produces a clockwise torque about P and makes the spool roll forward. Counterclockwise torques result from F 3 and F 4 , making the spool roll to the left. The force F 2 produces zero torque about point P and does not cause the spool to roll. If F 2 were strong enough, it would cause the spool to slide to the right, but not roll. F 1 F 2 F 3 F 4 θ c P FIG. P10.87 P10.88 The force applied at the critical angle exerts zero torque about the spool’s contact point with the ground and so will not make the spool roll.
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