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324_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

324_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 326 Angular...

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326 Angular Momentum Q11.9 There must be two rotors to balance the torques on the body of the helicopter. If it had only one rotor, the engine would cause the body of the helicopter to swing around rapidly with angular momentum opposite to the rotor. Q11.10 The angular momentum of the particle about the center of rotation is constant. The angular momentum about any point that does not lie along the axis through the center of rotation and perpendicular to the plane of motion of the particle is not constant in time. Q11.11 The long pole has a large moment of inertia about an axis along the rope. An unbalanced torque will then produce only a small angular acceleration of the performer-pole system, to extend the time available for getting back in balance. To keep the center of mass above the rope, the performer can shift the pole left or right, instead of having to bend his body around. The pole sags down at the ends to lower the system center of gravity.
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