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348_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

348_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 350 Static...

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350 Static Equilibrium and Elasticity Q12.9 The center of gravity must be directly over the point where the chair leg contacts the floor. That way, no torque is applied to the chair by gravity. The equilibrium is unstable. Q12.10 She can be correct. If the dog stands on a relatively thick scale, the dog’s legs on the ground might support more of its weight than its legs on the scale. She can check for and if necessary correct for this error by having the dog stand like a bridge with two legs on the scale and two on a book of equal thickness—a physics textbook is a good choice. Q12.11 If their base areas are equal, the tall crate will topple first. Its center of gravity is higher off the incline than that of the shorter crate. The taller crate can be rotated only through a smaller angle before its center of gravity is no longer over its base. Q12.12 The free body diagram demonstrates that it is necessary to have friction on the ground to counterbalance the normal force of the wall and to keep the base of the ladder from sliding. Interestingly
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