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Chapter 12 351 SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS Section 12.1 The Conditions for Equilibrium P12.1 To hold the bat in equilibrium, the player must exert both a force and a torque on the bat to make FF xy ∑∑ == 0 and τ = 0 y =⇒− = 01 0 0 0 . N , or the player must exert a net upward force of F = 10 0 To satisfy the second condition of equilibrium, the player must exert an applied torque a to make ττ =− = a 0600 100 0 .. m N a fa f . Thus, the required torque is a =+ 600 . N m or . N m counterclockwise F O 10.0 N 0.600 m FIG. P12.1 P12.2 Use distances, angles, and forces as shown. The conditions of
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