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Unformatted text preview: 14 CHAPTER OUTLINE 14.1 Pressure 14.2 Variation of Pressure with Depth 14.3 Pressure Measurements 14.4 Buoyant Forces and Archimede’s Principle 14.5 Fluid Dynamics 14.6 Bernoulli’s Equation 14.7 Other Applications of Fluid Dynamics Fluid Mechanics ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS Q14.1 The weight depends upon the total volume of glass. The pressure depends only on the depth. Q14.2 Both must be built the same. The force on the back of each dam is the average pressure of the water times the area of the dam. If both reservoirs are equally deep, the force is the same. FIG. Q14.2 Q14.3 If the tube were to fill up to the height of several stories of the building, the pressure at the bottom of the depth of the tube of fluid would be very large according to Equation 14.4. This pressure is much larger than that originally exerted by inward elastic forces of the rubber on the water. As a result, water is pushed into the bottle from the tube. As more water is added to the tube, more water continues to enter the bottle, stretching it thin. For a typical bottle, the pressure at the bottom of thecontinues to enter the bottle, stretching it thin....
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