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410_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

410_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - 412 Fluid Mechanics...

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412 Fluid Mechanics Q14.8 In the ocean, the ship floats due to the buoyant force from salt water . Salt water is denser than fresh water. As the ship is pulled up the river, the buoyant force from the fresh water in the river is not sufficient to support the weight of the ship, and it sinks. Q14.9 Exactly the same. Buoyancy equals density of water times volume displaced. Q14.10 At lower elevation the water pressure is greater because pressure increases with increasing depth below the water surface in the reservoir (or water tower). The penthouse apartment is not so far below the water surface. The pressure behind a closed faucet is weaker there and the flow weaker from an open faucet. Your fire department likely has a record of the precise elevation of every fire hydrant. Q14.11 As the wind blows over the chimney, it creates a lower pressure at the top of the chimney. The smoke flows from the relatively higher pressure in front of the fireplace to the low pressure outside.
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