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411_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics

411_Physics ProblemsTechnical Physics - Chapter 14 413...

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Chapter 14 413 Q14.20 The excess pressure is transmitted undiminished throughout the container. It will compress air inside the wood. The water driven into the wood raises its average density and makes if float lower in the water. Add some thumbtacks to reach neutral buoyancy and you can make the wood sink or rise at will by subtly squeezing a large clear–plastic soft–drink bottle. Bored with graph paper and proving his own existence, René Descartes invented this toy or trick. Q14.21 The plate must be horizontal. Since the pressure of a fluid increases with increasing depth, other orientations of the plate will give a non-uniform pressure on the flat faces. Q14.22 The air in your lungs, the blood in your arteries and veins, and the protoplasm in each cell exert nearly the same pressure, so that the wall of your chest can be in equilibrium. Q14.23 Use a balance to determine its mass. Then partially fill a graduated cylinder with water. Immerse the rock in the water and determine the volume of water displaced. Divide the mass by the volume and
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